MAG Version Updates



MAG 3.14.3 - November 2017


  • Fix processing bug that resulted in blank images for the large/small versions of selected products. Most notably, two of the images that comprise the HRRR 4-panel (500_vort_ht/1000_500_thick/700_rh_ht/850_temp_ht)
  • Affected small/large products made for selected areas for the following models and products:


    • 850vor_500ht_200wd
    • dom_precip_type


    • 1000_500_thick
    • 1000_850_thick
    • 10m_maxwnd
    • 250_wnd
    • 500_vort_ht
    • 850_700_thick
    • best_cape_cin
    • cape_cin
    • ceiling
    • comp
    • helicity_1km
    • helicity_3km
    • lightning
    • max_updraft_hlcy
    • precip_p01
    • precip_type
    • sfc_cape_cin
    • sim_radar_1km
    • sim_radar_comp
    • sim_radar_max
    • vis


    • vis

  • Fix title of HRRR 500_vort_ht title -- remove “GEO”

  • Fix margin for CONUS images to prevent bottom title from obscuring colorbars.

  • Fix bottom title on NAM dom_precip_type (overlapping titles)

  • Fix titles for 500_vort_ht, add “ABS”



MAG 3.14.2 - October 2017

Image processing has been improved, so most images are available earlier than before. GFS image availability averages 11 minutes earlier.

Three-hourly forecast soundings for GFS (¼ by ¼ degree) and NAM (12km) models have been implemented for the North American region and surrounding waters, with the following station stability indices:

  • LCLP:  Lifted Condensation Level (mb)
  • LFCV: Level of Free Convection (mb)
  • EQTV: Equilibrium Level (mb)
  • LIFT: Lifted Index
  • KINX: K Index
  • CINV: Convective Inhibition computed from virtual temperature profile
  • CAPV: Convective Available Potential Energy computed from virtual temperature profile
  • BRCH: Bulk Richardson Number
  • LHAN: Low level Haines Index
  • MHAN: Middle level Haines Index
  • HHAN: High level Haines Index

Note that the BUFR sounding station locations are pre-selected from the grid points, which are not necessarily collocated with the RAOB station locations. The actual location is displayed on the station map by hovering over the plotted point, and in the station table next to the station id.


The forecast hour page:

  • The forecast hour page will automatically refresh every minute. Users no longer need reload the page to see the new forecast hours.
  • Looping has been improved.  A “skip factor” is implemented which allows users to reduce the number of images to loop through the forecast hours
  • Forecast hours are now aligned in the table so that the delta time in the adjacent row is always 24 hours


Products Improvement:

  • Next to the MAG version number, it displays the location of the web server on which MAG is running
  • RAP has been upgraded from 32km to 13km
  • Echo top has been added to NAM-HIRES and RAP
  • HRW-ARW echo top has been adjusted to filter out near-ground noises
  • HWRF high/Low symbols are color coded and the central pressure values are labelled for precip_p06 and mslp_10wnd
  • GFS and NAM updates
    • 10m_wnd_2m_temp - improve EMSL contour visualization
    • 850_700_thick and 850_temp_mslp_precip - color code high/Low symbols and label the central pressure values


Infrastructure Improvements

  • Most products are now generated by a single general-purpose script.  This will make the code maintenance simpler and unify product attributes easier. Products for the following model types are currently not made by this script: POLAR, UAIR, SKEWT, HWRF-FULL, HWRF-NESTED, HMON-FULL, HMON-NESTED, GFS-SND and NAM-SND
    • The coastlines for all products generated by the script are now brown
    • Some bottom titles have been reworded slightly to unify the same product made for different model types.


MAG 3.13.6 - July 2017


The GFDL model (GHM-FULL and GHM-NESTED) has been replaced with the new Multi-scale Ocean-coupled Non-Hydrostatic Model (HMON-FULL and HMON-NESTED)


MAG 3.15 - November 2017

Proposed updates (subject to change):


  • Implement SREF clusters forecast
  • Improve high resolution model products
  • Improve user interface
  • Remove rarely used products


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